Why and how to communicate your Employee Wellbeing Strategy

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Your employees can’t mind read. But they will have a jolly good go in the absence of any proper information!

What happens if you don’t communicate your Employee Wellbeing Strategy properly?

  • Confusion will reign! - employees will receive mixed messages. For example from the employee’s point of view “they ‘say’ they want to improve wellbeing, but we don’t ‘see’ any evidence”. This might simply be because the strategy hasn’t had to take effect yet or because they aren’t aware of the bigger picture.
  • Suspicion will creep in – employees could be forgiven for misinterpreting the employer’s intentions if they are not totally clear. People often assume the worst in the absence of proper information. So if the communication isn’t handled well employees may cynically assume that the whole thing is a marketing ploy or a tick-box exercise.
  • Without all the information, it is impossible for employees to buy in to the concept that their employers are endeavouring to improve their wellbeing. Therefore the strategy won’t have the optimum impact or ROI. If employees don’t know what processes are in place, how to access them or why they exist, then the strategy cannot be effective. 

How should you communicate your Employee Wellbeing Strategy?

  • Before you even consider how communicate with your employees, you must first be very clear yourself about the objectives of your strategy and all of the different stages to achieving it.
  • Consider how your wellbeing strategy fits in with your ‘employer branding’. Have you considered ‘brand identity’ for your wellbeing strategy?
  • Plan your communication with the help of a language expert. When it comes to issues as important and sensitive as wellbeing, it ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it! 
  • Don’t just do a one off communication and then forget about it. Plan your communication strategy and plan in detail the first few communications.
  • What methods will you use? Internal memo? Letters posted to homes? Facebook? Twitter? Cascade through managers? Posters? A section on your company website or intranet? Be open minded to using all of the channels that are available to you.
  • You can’t give all the details in one go, so let people know how they can find out more. Who can they speak to? Where can they find out more information?
  • Prioritise the key points you want to get across? What are the top 5 things employees need or want to know about the Wellbeing Strategy?
  • Get feedback from a selection of employees before putting any communication ‘out there’

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of communicating with your employees on the subject of wellbeing. Please share your views and questions for other people in the comments box.