Bob Tait, ChangeGives Co-Founder

Bob Tait is an NLP Practitioner that spent most of his career as a professional in the 'rat race', working for organisations within the creative, debt recovery, digital, print and sports industries. Having spent three years learning what the workplace was all about after leaving University, Bob quickly moved into management and worked at senior manager or director level thereafter.

This fifteen years at a high level within organisations served his learning well, but jarred with him as an individual. In 2013, after almost twenty years battling with clinical depression and associated means of 'escaping', he reached a pivotal point in his life. He realised that if he continued down this path, he would at best bundle through life generally unhappy and at worst not have long left on the planet; something had to change. Bob had to change. Utilising his training in NLP, Bob worked with others to improve himself and find his true path in life. That path was to help others. Within the first five months of 2014, Bob has dropped thirty-five pounds in weight, losing six inches from his waistline; gradually come off anti-depressant medication completely; stopped binge drinking; commenced repairing broken relationships; kicked his ten cups of tea or coffee a day habit; and started his own business coaching and helping others. Change really does give.

Outside of his ChangeGives work, Bob is a music lover who sings in a band, studies NLP and Clean Language and tends his allotment. He enjoys working out in the gym, playing cricket, attending gigs and discovering new things about the mind; both his own and other people's!

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 Bob Tait, ChangeGives Co-Founder   Twitter:  @bigbobtait

Bob Tait, ChangeGives Co-Founder

Twitter: @bigbobtait