Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

When you engage ChangeGives, Executive Coaching is whatever you want it to be. It is your coaching, your outcomes and you and your organisation that will reap the dividends.

The Client/Coach relationship is confidential, positive and impartial, providing you with a setting in which you can explore any issue you would like to, large or small, personal or professional, interpersonal or practical in order to make resolutions and improvements.

At the heart of ChangeGives Executive Coaching is a passion for helping you align your personal values with business, letting your authenticity shine through and enabling you to connect to, trust and follow your instinct.

View the 2013 Executive Coaching Survey from the Centre for Leadership Development and Research at Stanford University Business School.

The benefits of Executive Coaching

There are many benefits to engaging in Executive Coaching. Here are just a few examples; Executive Coaching can enable you to:

  • Become measurably more effective;
  • Lead more effectively and more authentically;
  • Progress your executive development and maximise your personal and professional potential;
  • Make better quality decisions;
  • Develop internal talent;
  • Leverage your resources to achieve maximum impact from minimum effort;
  • Develop your delegation, persuasion or mentoring skills;
  • Manage conflict , build teams or motivate your workforce; and
  • Connect more meaningfully with those around you and improve internal and external relationships.

About ChangeGives Executive Coaching

The connection, or rapport, between the coach and the Client is the foundation for a successful coaching relationship.

The coach presupposes that you, the Client have all the resources you need within yourself and the coach’s job is to help you access and harness them.

The ChangeGives approach to coaching is that there is not one set process or methodology that we adhere to. We know that each Client is a unique individual, in a unique situation and with a unique set of needs.  So on this basis we remain open minded and flexible and our first aim is to get a full understanding of the Client. We are guided by the Client’s needs and remain flexible throughout the coaching journey to ensure that the outcomes are achieved.

Our coaching is solution focussed and weaves in strategies populated with clear actions to ensure you achieve your outcomes and goals.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Executive Coaching is for Executives, Directors, high level managers, leaders or anyone who is a position of high responsibility who would benefit from external, impartial coaching.