ChangeGives and Peachy Mondays have teamed up to offer a complete employee engagement and wellbeing package. Take advantage of our FREE employee wellbeing health check!


Are you taking employee wellbeing seriously enough?


Do you know for sure how happy your employees are? Or are you just guessing?

What is it potentially costing you to not find out what you’re employees are really thinking?

What difference would it make if you could find out specifically how you could help your employees?

Why have ChangeGives and Peachy Mondays teamed up?

There is much debate at the moment about the value and relevance of staff surveys.  One side says they’re a waste of time. The other side says they are essential part of running a business to its maximum potential.  At the same time, the subjects of employee engagement and wellbeing are becoming more and more prominent, but not so much as a topic for debate, but a large scale discussion of what exactly is best practice and how to achieve it.

We believe that the two go hand in hand.  It does more harm than good to carry out a staff survey if you don’t follow up on what it tells you.  And conversely, a well- designed survey is a great way to gauge how you’re doing as an employer so that you can address any problems and continually improve.  

What are ChangeGives and Peachy Mondays offering?

We are offering a complete survey and support package.  We can support you with question design, getting the most out of the anonymous conversations feature, analysing the survey results and creating and implementing a follow up strategy.  

How do you know if this is right for you?

To find out if your organisation could benefit by being pro-active about improving employee wellbeing, we are delighted to be able to offer you a FREE employee wellbeing health check.

Your FREE employee wellbeing health check includes:

  • A 1 month free trial of Peach Monday software
  • A pre- survey email template (explaining to your employees that you will be carrying out a survey, the timescales involved and the reasons for the survey
  • The survey consisting of 10 questions. All results are anonymous
  • Support with anonymous conversation function (technical support as well as question wording etc
  • A FREE support session by skype or phone to analyse the result

What if it turns out that everyone is happy?!

Then that is brilliant news! The survey will have been a valuable exercise. You will have solid evidence that you can use to support your employer branding.  This will raise the morale of your existing staff, make you more attractive to potential employees and demonstrate to your clients and customers that you are looking after your employees.

You can choose to publish the results, at no cost, to the Peachy Mondays employer review website.

What if it turns out that everyone is desperately unhappy?!

Wouldn’t you rather know than not know?  Once you’ve established this you can create an Employee Wellbeing Strategy that fits with your budget, priorities and specific business needs. You might decide to start by making one or two small changes and measure the effects they have. Or you may decide a complete overhaul of culture, training and policies is needed. It will be different for every organisation.  ChangeGives can give you whatever level of support you need in order to develop and implement your strategy.

How do I arrange a FREE employee wellbeing healthcheck?

Email or sign up below and you’ll be ready to get started within a few days.