Perfect Harmony

Can Perfect Harmony help you?

Quick check:

  1. Would your organisation or Joint Venture perform better if all personnel were able to connect with each other more meaningfully than ever before?
  2. Would your organisation or Joint Venture benefit if board level, senior managers and stakeholders developed such a clear understanding of themselves and each other that working together for a shared outcome became second nature?
  3. Are you striving to maximise work place team performance and would your team(s) perform better if they were able to connect at a higher level than ever before?
  4. Do you want to bring a brand new positive dynamic to a well-established department team or instantly integrate new personnel?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then Perfect Harmony can help you.

What is Perfect Harmony?

Perfect Harmony is a one-day or two-day team bonding event which combines song writing, making music, NLP and a specialist coaching technique called Clean. Perfect Harmony works irrespective of musical ability or experience.

What will Perfect Harmony get for you?

Perfect Harmony creates powerful bonds between team members through developing a thorough understanding of their own unique model of the world, but more importantly, by developing an understanding of each of their team mate’s model of the world. Unconscious changes, learning and understanding develop rapidly over the course of the event. These changes will stay with each participant for a lifetime.

This means that Perfect Harmony can immediately:

  • Bring a new dynamic to well-established teams.
  • Refresh a team that is mentally fatigued.
  • Strengthen existing bonds.
  • Integrate new team members into an established team.
  • Empower an entire unit to work even more cohesively.
  • Connect teams at a higher level than they have ever experienced before.
  • Help new personnel to transition into strong team players.
  • Heighten the quality of decisions made when under pressure.
  • Give your team, department or organisation an edge in performance.
  • Instil a mind-set in which the importance of team goals transcends short-term personal gain.

How Perfect Harmony works

Perfect Harmony elicits a wonderfully creative, open-minded state for all participants, allowing change, awareness and understanding to happen at an unconscious level. Professional musicians and coaches work with participants to achieve a skill level at which they can harness individual creativity and integrate this into a team dynamic. In a professional recording studio, the participants experience the intrinsic pleasure of creating their own unique piece of music, having the opportunity for individual input whilst being respectful of all of their 'band's' ideas, thoughts and ways of working.

Experienced NLP Practitioners and Clean Coaches guide participants through the process with a focus on how much more can be achieved when the 'band' pay exquisite attention to each other and work together. Participants will be amazed when they achieve something new and remarkable as a team and this learning and understanding will stay with them forever.

When, where, who?

Perfect Harmony can be used to improve team bonding and performance at any time, for groups of 5-8 people, with the number of groups only being limited by the physical size of the recording facility. For one-day events, we’ll recommend a suitable recording facility close to where you are. For two-day events, the geographic area could be widened to allow for that 'holiday together' experience.

In businesses and organisations:

  • In the early stages of a project.
  • When a new key person is introduced to an established management team.
  • To turn around a team when relationships are breaking down.
  • To improve cross-stakeholder bonding.
  • To boost the quality of communication and relationships at a critical point in a project.
  • To improve in-team and cross-team bonding; e.g. sales, marketing, finance, technical.

Perfect Harmony works irrespective of musical ability or experience.

Want to develop your own unique Perfect Harmony event?

Bespoke events can also be planned. Want to spend three days at Abbey Road, working as a group to create your own 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' or company telephone 'on hold' music? Great. ChangeGives will make it happen!

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