Employee Coaching

What is Employee Coaching?

Employee Coaching is a development journey which allows you to achieve your potential in a whole variety of ways. It is an opportunity for personal growth and to focus your energy and attention in the right places so that continuous improvement becomes a habitual part of your life.

It is a way to expand your range of choices in what you do, think or feel. The more choices you have available to you, the more you can get out of any given situation. The happier and more fulfilled you can be.

Think of life as a fruit and vegetable stall on a market. Most likely you would rather your life was a stall brimming with colour, variety, intriguing shapes and textures than a bare and poorly stocked bench of  uninspiring dried up potatoes and wrinkled up peas.

What can Employee Coaching get for you?

Employee Coaching can get you anything you want. You might be already clear about what that is when you come to coaching or you might want to use coaching simply to work out exactly what it is that you do want so that you can set about achieving it. For example you might choose to:

  • Improve a particular aspect of your personal or professional life.
  • Become clear about your goals and know specifically how and when you will achieve them.
  • Replace an unhelpful habit or thought pattern with a brand new one.
  • Solve a problem.
  • Replace a belief that is holding you back with one which will empower you instead.

The beauty of ChangeGives Employee Coaching is that the impact of any positive changes you make can spread through your life and the wider systems around you like dropping a stone into the middle of a mill pond!  Even if you didn’t originally come to coaching with the following specific aims in mind, you may start to notice that you:

  • become better at setting goals;
  • experience lower stress levels;
  • become more self-aware;
  • develop increased confidence;
  • experience an improved quality of life;
  • get better at communicating;
  • improve your health and fitness levels; and
  • experience better family, friend and professional relationships.

About ChangeGives Employee Coaching

ChangeGives' skilled and qualified Coaches combine NLP with other coaching techniques to help you access your inner resources to allow you to establish what outcomes you truly want and to help you put plans and strategies in place that will lead to you achieving your desired outcomes. 

We have a vast array of tools at our fingertips and all our coaching is founded on flexibility to meet each individual Client’s unique needs and desired outcomes.  As well as the results that you achieve in the course of coaching, we always aim to equip you with the corresponding invaluable skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Our mission is to enable you to use your own inherent skills and capabilities to make positive changes in your life and align your actions, behaviours, habits and environment with your values, identity and higher purpose in life.

What format does the coaching take?

ChangeGives Employee Coaching is available in a range of formats to fit with whatever feels right for you and fits with your employer. They range from weekly, monthly or fortnightly scheduled meetings to one-off half- or full-day breakthrough sessions.  The sessions can take place in person, by phone, on Skype or via livechat, depending on your preference.

If you would like to find out more or enquire about pricing, please get in touch with us.