Recruitment Support

We can support you at all stages of your recruitment process. The tool we use to underpin our recruitment support service is call Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profiling.

About Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profiling

Making sure that you’ve got the right people doing the right jobs can mean that everything else in your organisation naturally just fits into place and productivity effortlessly soars.

Language and Behaviour (LAB) profiling is a proven method of gathering valuable information about a person based on their language and behaviour patterns. It is not a general personality profiling tool, but instead gives an accurate assessment of predicted behaviour in a specific context.

How LAB Profiling can add value to your organisation

Including LAB profiling in your recruitment process means that you can attract the right candidates from the outset, and then quickly eliminate the candidates who have behaviour patterns which conflict with the role for which you are recruiting.  This means that by the time you reach the interviewing phase, you have narrowed the field down to a select few people who are all well suited to the role.

LAB Profiling for recruitment

The language used in the job description and advert is critical in attracting the right applicants in the first instance.  The principles of LAB are then used in the initial filtering of applications.

Before the final interview stage, the LAB Profiling of each candidate is carried out. The process involves a thirty minute interview (which can be conducted over Skype) which is followed up with a LAB Profile Client Report.

How ChangeGives can support your organisation

We offer LAB Profiling on an ad hoc basis or we can work with you as part of your ongoing recruitment or staff development process.

We can help if you:

  • Already have talented recruiters in- house and would like to introduce LAB Profiling to increase the quality of your recruitment process.
  • Have limited in-house recruitment capability.
  • Normally use recruitment agencies, but would like to make cost savings and improve staff retention by bringing recruitment in- house.
  • Are a Recruitment Agency and would like to improve your competitive edge in terms of quality of service provided to your Clients.

We can assist you with any or all of the following elements of recruitment:

  • Design your Job Advertisement and Job Description.
  • Carry out Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profiling of candidates.
  • Design your interview questions.
  • Give guidance on the meaning and relevance of responses to questions.
  • Take part in the interview process.

Get in touch if you would like to have a chat about how we can support you, or to arrange a meeting over Skype.