Personal Resilience Skills

Would you like to equip your employees with the vital skills they need for coping with stressful situations?

Do you feel that a significant proportion of sickness absence in your organisation could be avoided, but you're not sure exactly how?

Do you think that your organisation would perform better if your employees were happier and more engaged?

If you can relate to any of these questions, then the ChangeGives course Personal Resilience Skills can make the difference that you are looking for.

The benefits of Resilience Training

For organisations, the benefits of equipping your employees with resilience capability are significant and wide ranging.  They include:

  • increased productivity and profit resulting from improved decision making abilities, job satisfaction and drive of employees;
  • a more harmonious and happy work environment for all employees;
  • reduced sickness absence
  • reduced costs and improved performance arising from reduced staff turnover;
  • reduced risk of bullying or harassment incidences and constructive dismissal claims; and
  • reduced level of stress and depression in employees.

For individuals, the benefits can include:

  • the ability to reframe workplace problems or to put them into perspective;
  • the acquisition of personal resilience skills that can be applied in both the workplace and personal life; and
  • improved fulfilment, wellbeing and career satisfaction.

About ChangeGives Resilience Training

The basis of our training is in the form of a one-day interactive workshop, Personal Resilience Skills,  which provides delegates with a range of skills and tools that they can apply in everyday situations.

This engaging day of activities enables participants to ensure that their role in the work place is aligned with their personal values, as well as acquire skills and tools that allow them to handle stressful situations calmly and with a clear head and to turn negative events in to win-win situations.

The ChangeGives approach

We always consider the organisation as a whole, then design training based on the existing organisational culture and current needs. For example Personal Resilience Skills may be suitable for workers on the ground, whereas managers may receive training on how to support and nurture the resilience of their team members and other managers.  The exact content will always be adapted to meet the needs of the people in the room on the day.

Our resilience training has four main functions:

  1. To equip employees with the vital skills they need to thrive in their work environment.
  2. To identify where additional support may benefit an individual, a team or the system in which they operate. 
  3. To gather first-hand information about where positive change is most needed within your organisation.
  4. To achieve the ‘tipping point’ at which the cost associated with staff turnover, workplace stress, sickness absence, poor decisions and poor productivity go down and the gains associated with high productivity, high quality decision making and company reputation naturally rise.

Who should attend?

The workshops are aimed at employees at any level, in any sector including those who:

  • are in a monotonous, repetitive or demoralising role;
  • are customer facing, e.g. call centres;
  • have just gone through or are going through organisational change;
  • are affected by problems with professional relationships or team dynamics;
  • work long or unsociable hours;
  • work in isolation;
  • are in a position of high responsibility;
  • are involved in high pressure, high profile or high risk projects;
  • are responsible for other peoples safety; and
  • work in sectors renowned for poor working conditions and poor life quality, e.g. construction.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to perform well in the face of adversity, to bounce back from a setback or trauma or to reframe negative experiences as a springboard for growth and development post event or even at the time that they are happening.

Instead of ‘coping’, ‘getting by’ or ‘surviving’, it is possible to use challenges and adversity as invaluable opportunities to become even stronger than in the first place.

Resilience is a skill which can be taught and learned in the same way as any other skill such as reading and writing, sport, music or a taking a degree.

Supporting Coaching

If you are implementing Resilience Training as part of a wider strategy, the training can be supplemented with a programme of Employee Personal Coaching and Executive Coaching for some or all of the participants.

Is this right for your organisation?

To help you make an informed decision, contact us to arrange a Skype chat. Once we have found out a bit about what you would like to have happen, we can explain in more detail what the next steps are in achieving that outcome. 

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