Team Development through Team Bonding

What is Team Development through Team Bonding?

Team bonding is the process which connects members of a team in a way that they can perform exquisitely as a cohesive unit in pursuit of a common goal.

When a team is well bonded, they are most likely to operate as a high performance team and consistently demonstrate collaboration and innovation.

Members of well bonded teams have got the ability to channel individual and team energy perfectly, operate with behavioural flexibility and place the importance of the team’s goals over any personal agendas or short term gains.

The benefits of well bonded teams

There is no question that when your teams are well bonded and performing at their peak, innovation and creativity can flow freely and productivity and profit are maximised.

When strong bonds exist, team members are in tune with each other and can make high quality intuitive decisions even in fast moving, high pressure situations.

ChangeGives team development activities have an intense and long lasting impact on the performance of the teams.

What ChangeGives Team Development activities offer

Our Team Development activities employ our ground breaking team bonding techniques which use the mediums of sport, music and art with NLP skilfully interwoven. The techniques enable individuals in a team to connect at 'values', 'identity' and 'higher purpose' levels and anchor the powerful connections and states so that they can be instantly invoked at any time back in the workplace.

Our techniques are a step change in the way team bonding has traditionally been approached. Instead of focussing on teams simply working together to solve problems, learning something or enjoying a novel experience together, ChangeGives team bonding events strategically stimulate an uncovering of shared values, distinguish behaviour from identity, create the drive to share and integrate feedback and heighten rapport.

Our innovative techniques:

  • create instant and deep structural unconscious changes within the individuals and the team as an entity;
  • integrate new team members into established teams;
  • get newly formed teams operating as if they have been working together for years;
  • harness the power of the ‘fight or flight’ moment or the moment of shared creative bliss;
  • form positive relationships and strengthen existing bonds; and
  • awaken a genuine desire to understand and respect the values and positive intentions of other team members.

About ChangeGives Team Development activities

The sessions take the form of one-day or two-day team development activities which have either sport (fencing), music (song-writing and recording) or art (creating an artwork) at their core.

A ChangeGives team, consisting of experts in their sporting or creative fields along with experienced NLP professionals, facilitate the event and ensure that the maximum possible team bonding potential is achieved.

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Who should attend?

ChangeGives Team Development activities are perfect for teams of any nature and in any sector.

They will be highly valuable for you if you are an organisation:

  • for whom having high performing teams is mission critical;
  • whose potential is not being achieved because of team performance issues, even though you invest heavily in high calibre individuals; and/or
  • that is going through or has been through change.

How do I know which Team Development activity is best for us?

Please get in touch with us. We’re a flexible lot and can accommodate any of your needs or explore your specific situation and help you work out the optimum solution for you to achieve your desired outcome.