Team Development through Team Bonding

What is Team Development through Team Bonding?

Team bonding is the process which connects members of a team in a way that they can perform exquisitely as a cohesive unit in pursuit of a common goal.

When a team is well bonded, they are most likely to operate as a high performance team and consistently demonstrate collaboration and innovation.

Members of well bonded teams have got the ability to channel individual and team energy perfectly, operate with behavioural flexibility and place the importance of the team’s goals over any personal agendas or short term gains.

The ChangeGives team bonding event breaks away from the norm. It offers so much more than other team building activities that are widely available. Participants enjoy an engrossing activity day and learn a new skill, whilst trained NLP Practitioners instil long lasting changes within the individual and the team.

This ground breaking team bonding activity is called the Tribal Lesson™.

Can the Tribal Lesson™ help you?

Quick check – 3 questions for businesses:

  1. Would your organisation or Joint Venture perform better if board level and senior managers were able to connect with each other more meaningfully than ever before?
  2. Would you like your company leaders to have such a strong bond that an unwavering team mind-set filters through the whole organisation or Joint Venture?
  3. Do you want to apply the techniques used by world class athletes and sports teams to achieve peak team performance, to a high value, high pressure or high profile Joint Venture?

Quick check – 3 questions for sports organisations:

  1. Are you striving to get the edge in team performance?
  2. Would your team perform better if they were able to connect at a higher level than ever before?
  3. Do you want to bring a brand new dynamic to a well-established team or instantly integrate new players?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then the Tribal Lesson™ can help you.

What is the Tribal Lesson™?

The Tribal Lesson™ is a one-day team bonding event which combines fencing and NLP.

What will the Tribal Lesson™ get for you?

The Tribal Lesson™ creates a strong sense of higher purpose within individuals and an intense feeling of connectedness between team mates. Unconscious changes take place instantaneously and the effects last forever. This means that the Tribal Lesson™ can immediately:

  • Bring a new dynamic to well-established teams.
  • Refresh a team that is mentally fatigued.
  • Strengthen existing bonds.
  • Integrate new team members into an established team.
  • Empower an entire unit to work even more cohesively.
  • Connect teams at a higher level than they have ever experienced before.
  • Help younger personnel to transition into strong team players.
  • Heighten the quality of decisions made in the ‘fight or flight’ state.
  • Give your team the edge in team performance.
  • Heighten the quality of decisions made through managing mental state while under threat.
  • Instil a mind-set in which the importance of team goals transcends short-term personal gain.

How the Tribal Lesson™ works

The Tribal Lesson™ allows teams to reach a completely new level in team bonding in just one day. World class athletes and coaches rapidly bring participants up to a skill level at which they can engage in an exhilarating fencing match against their opponent. On the piste and in full metal fencing kit, the participants experience the fight or flight instinct in combination with the adrenaline fuelled state of the desire to fight and win for their team, harnessing the natural tribal instinct that lies within us all. Experienced NLP Practitioners guide participants through the process of anchoring so that the state can be preserved and recalled at peak intensity at critical times in the future.

Providing constructive feedback and seeking and acting on feedback from team mates for the good of the team are key components of the event. And to add yet another layer to the unconscious changes, the participants are incentivised to teach each other what they themselves have only just learned which means that they experience and anchor the intrinsic rewards achieved from collaborating. The fast pace of the event means that quick thinking and instantly adapting to new situations naturally arise in the (deliberate) absence of time available to over-analyse the situation!

When, where, who?

The Tribal Lesson™ can be used to improve team bonding and performance at any time, at any location, for any number of people between 6 and 150.

In businesses and organisations:

  • In the early stages of a Joint Venture project.
  • When a new key person is introduced to an established management team.
  • To turn around a team when relationships are breaking down.
  • To improve cross-stakeholder and cross-team bonding.
  • To boost the quality of communication and relationships at a critical point in a project.

In football and other professional sports:

  • Straight after the transfer window to instantly integrate new players.
  • During the season or close season.
  • To improve in-team and cross-team bonding; e.g. first team, reserve team, ladies team and youth teams.
  • Manager and coaching staff take part to boost the quality of communication and relationships.
  • As a whole club event so that the players and support staff experience working as one team.
  • Help critical off-field operations run efficiently with fully bonded co-workers.
  • At your own club facilities or as part of a team bonding trip away.