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About ChangeGives training

We offer a wide range of training courses to suit all of your needs. A few examples of what we offer are given below. These will always be adapted depending on the delegates in the room on the day. However, often it is appropriate to design completely new training which addresses the specific issues of the organisation so we also offer bespoke training and facilitation. We work closely with the client to help them explore the underlying issues which they would like to resolve, clearly identify what they would like to have happen as a result of the training and create a solution which will have the optimum impact.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Delegates learn and practice easy- to- use coaching techniques for purposes such as improving the performance of their team members and enabling them to resolve day to day problems without over reliance on their managers input. When managers develop coaching skills, congruent with their own style, there are many benefits such as encouraging creative thinking and initiative taking in their team members, improving relationships and spending less time on solving other people’s problems so that they can instead focus on their own critical workload. 

Communicating for Success

Everything that we do involves conversations and interactions with other people. How things get done and what actually happens depend heavily on the quality of our conversations. So it makes sense to develop skills which enable the best possible outcomes.  In this course delegates will learn to plan and structure a conversation, define a goal or outcome, use language skilfully to get the best possible outcome, use listening and questioning skills, approach a conversation with the right mindset, give and receive feedback, build rapport and identify their own unhelpful behaviours and replace them with new, more positive ones.

Time Management with a Twist

Do you run your day? Or does it run you?! Conventional time management techniques DON’T work. If they did, everybody already be using them. Nobody would be rushing around, working long hours and everything would get done on time with ease and grace.  This course turns traditional time management on its head and helps delegates use a completely fresh approach in order to get fully in control so they can be calm, relaxed and efficient.  Doesn’t that sound nice?!

Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness is the ability to honestly express your opinions, feelings, attitudes, and rights, without undue anxiety, in a way that doesn't infringe on the rights of others. Assertiveness is a skill that can be taught to anyone.  When people are able to communicate in this way, it can make them better at their job, happier and more effective at dealing with challenging situations. In this course delegates learn about the benefits of being assertive, develop new skills and get plenty of opportunities to practice.

Train the Trainer

When it comes to training, the phrase “it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it” couldn’t be any truer. Yet in many cases, people find themselves in a training role without ever having had any formal training.  This course is for anybody who delivers training in any form including safety, technical, process or managerial.  By the end of the course, delegates will be able to set training outcomes, develop a training course, create a positive learning environment, give positive and constructive feedback, identify the different learning styles, use ‘ reviews’ to improve learning retention and deliver training in way which supports embedded learning and enhances learning retention. 

Handling Conflict

Conflict can arise at any time and in many different contexts. Sometimes it can be anticipated and sometimes it can arise suddenly and unexpectedly.  This course equips delegates skills for dealing with conflict, It covers different conflict resolution styles, understanding human behaviour, dealing with emotions, use of language, managing personal state and dealing with difficult people and challenging situations.

Communicating Safety in Plain English

This course is for anybody who prepares written safety communication including risk assessments, method statements, accident reports, committee meeting minutes and contract documentation.  Delegates will learn how to get their point across in a clear, concise way which cannot be confused or misinterpreted.   

Maximum Impact Toolbox Talks

This course is based on the principal that it is teaching, coaching and listening skills that are essential for passing on safety information rather than ‘presentation skills’.  Even if paperwork is thorough and of a high standard, there is a missing link if those passing on the information to others, have not been given formal training in communication and interpersonal skills.  This course allows the people who are in the thick of it to understand the barriers to learning and to minimise them. A range of purpose designed visual mind map layout forms are used in the course including Toolbox Talk Generator and Risk Assessment Generator.

Six Safety Hats

This facilitated workshop guides the group through different forms of thinking, 'Six Safety Hats' is based on Edward De Bono's famous 'Six Thinking Hats' which allows thinking to be separated so that different perspectives can be gained. The workshop is extremely flexible and the outcome depends on the clients aims.  Some examples of it uses may be to develop a new solution to a recurring problem,  gain a fresh perspective on how to improve safety culture or innovate employee engagement practices.